Origami Angel - "Somewhere City" (HF Exclusive Purple) CBR050

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1. Welcome To...
2. 24 Hr Drive-Thru
3. 666 Flags
4. Doctor Whomst
5. Say Less
6. Escape Rope
7. The Title Track
8. Skeleton Key
9. Find Your Throne
10. The Air Up Here

Ryland Heagy - guitar/vocals/bass
Pat Doherty - drums
Claudio Benedi, Brittany Duarte, and Ryland Heagy - gang vocals
Ryland Heagy - guitar/vocals/bass
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jake Checkoway
Additional recording done by Ryland Heagy
Front and back cover by RB Roe
Single art by Lil Bee

Pressing Information

2nd Pressing:
100 Purple (HF Exclusive)