sunstained - With You I Can Do Without HFR004


HFR:004 - sunstained - "With You I Can Do Without"

"With You I Can Do Without" demonstrates an excellent blend of emo and punk while also drawing influence from bands like Citizen, Brand New and Title Fight. Sunstained truly present their own style on this 9 track full-length with the use of atmospheric guitars, punchy drums and memorable vocal melodies. Songs like "Cold Drift" and "Wallflower" will get stuck in your head after the first listen. The closer, "Ashes", really pulls the album together with it's heartfelt vocals and seamless transitions. Since their 2014 release, "Graveyard Blues", Sunstained have transformed their sound for the better.

1. I Saw God (In The Fire Reading My Bible)
2. Cold Drift
3. Pale In Comparison
4. Overgrowth
5. Idyll
6. Your Mirror
7. Wallflower
8. Embers
9. Ashes

Pressing Information

Magenta/Light Blue Swirl / 20