Jon, The Archivist - a flash of dark // a wash of light - Cassette HFR006


HFR:006 - Jon, The Archivist - "a flash of dark // a wash of light"

"a flash of dark // a wash of light" is the debut record from Jon, the Archivist. It deals with a chronological period of self-realization and emotional distress spanning from birth to death, but more specifically, from roughly october - january of 2014/2015. The songs were written over the course of those four months, and present a cycle of shame, hurt, accountability, growth, remembrance, and hope.

Track listing:
1. (a flash of dark)
2. silence
3. winter
4. push
5. theory
6. //
7. shadow
8. martyr
9. sleep
10. attack
11. (a wash of light)

Pressing Information

Purple Tint / 25