Sleeping Patterns - Prejudice HFR005


It's strange to think that the most personal music usually ends up being the most relatable; People can often take someone else's problems and relate it to their own lives in some way.

This is clearly the case on Sleeping Patterns' second EP entitled "Prejudice". The band digs deep and opens up into very personal thoughts on the record, leaving the listener wanting to know more about the stories behind the lyrics. "Prejudice" focuses on the struggles that come with being caught between life altering decisions. Themes of betrayal, the acceptance of death, feeling directionless, prejudice within the human race, losing touch with family members, divorce, and never feeling good enough present themselves throughout the record. The lyrical aspects of the EP deal with personal struggles most people have faced or will face at some point in their lives, making the songs very relatable and emotional to the listener.


  1. No, Not In My Skin
  2. I Won't Watch You Kill Yourself
  3. Prejudice
  4. An Art Class
  5. True Colors
  6. Comfort In Wandering
Pressing Information

25 Smokey Tint
25 Barney Purple