Seagulls - Thrown Voice (Pre-order) HFR032


**Pre-orders are expected to ship on or around the release date of 1/11/19**

"Thrown Voice" is the new LP from Philadelphia's Seagulls and we are stoked to be releasing it on CD along with Evergreen Prefecture doing the digital release!!

"Thrown Voice​ is an album about communication - interpersonally, with the environment, within one’s self - and the way that technology can facilitate or get in the way of those interactions. It’s a follow-up about the importance of following up." - Seagulls


  1. Phonebook
  2. Like U Do
  3. If Only
  4. Not Again
  5. Lander
  6. Inevitably
  7. Super No Vacancy
  8. Devoted
  9. Sooner Later
  10. Timeline