Sleeping Patterns - A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone HFR028


Co-release with Counter Intuitive Records!

Sleeping Patterns sound like they traveled here in a dream – feverish and tranquil, transient and intense. And like memorable moments captured behind closed eyes, their atmospheres blast through in full color, with layered sounds accenting the action captured by mental theater. For the waking world, A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone is a slow burn and a quick flint all at once, dismantling its energy into short fires that split a bedrock of churning indie and haunting post-rock. Consider lead single "Barely Enough," which crashes with erratic hi-hat and attacked guitar chords, while vocals coax the backing band into a leisurely swing before thrashing wildly across remaining measures. The creeping self-immolation hinted at on "Cig Song" calls to mind a calming cigarette pull, but takes the listener down with it, hypnotizing with percussive comfort before reaching a drugged climax. As a debut LP recorded after a pair of dazzling and equally metaphysical EPs, A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone measures its pain in pinches of ingenious melody and structure, proof that a dream's exposition is just as important as its pleasant (or troubling) afterthoughts.
- James Cassar


  1. Prelude
  2. Choose
  3. Barely Enough
  4. Raindance
  5. Cigarette Song
  6. A Little Blood
  7. Embryonal Carcinoma
  8. I Wrote This Song While Thinking Of You
  9. Cut Ties
  10. Breaking A Lung
  11. Obsolete
Pressing Information

100 Opaque Red with Black Splatter
150 Black